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Upstart Productions presents The Wedding Singer

Upstart Productions presents The Wedding Singer

Time & Location

From :

Curtain :

28 April 2010


1 May 2010


Donal Cantwell

Musical Director:

Susan Haddon


Rachel O'Byrne

About the Event

The story of the wedding singer follows the fortunes of Robbie Hart, who works the wedding industry in his home town, where he encounters Julia, a waitress at many of the events where his band performs. They’re both engaged to marry other people, and form a solid friendship.

However things turn sour for Robbie when he is jilted at the altar by his long-time rock-chick girlfriend, Lynda. Julia’s fiancé, Glen isn’t showing much interest in their wedding plans, so in an effort to cheer Robbie up, Julia asks him to assist her… and one thing leads to another…

Directed by AIMS Award-winning director Donal Cantwell, The Wedding Singer is a lively and fun-packed trip back through the eighties, featuring songs that will get the feet tapping down memory lane, and few old familiar faces that pop in along the way.

If you enjoyed the movie, you’ll love this energetic live experience even more.

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