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The AIMS Adjudication & Awards Scheme is one of the association’s best known services. The goal of the scheme is to provide member societies with expert advice on how to improve all areas of their productions, and to provide an incentive for improvement through the AIMS Awards.

Each season, societies across the country avail of the services of an AIMS adjudicator, who views each society’s production and provides the societies with detailed adjudication reports, highlighting both positive and negative aspects of the production. At the end of each season, the adjudicator nominates individuals and societies for a vast array of awards, with the winners being announced at the annual awards ceremony which takes place each year during the AIMS National Seminar.


For more detailed information about the annual awards weekend and the awards ceremony, including photos, please visit the Awards Weekend section of the site Here.

As the scheme’s popularity has continually increased over the years, the workload on a single AIMS adjudicator became unfeasible, particularily at the peak of the musical theatre season, where an excess of 7 shows per week may take place. Since 2001, societies have been split into two distinct tiers in an effort to ensure that every society has the opportunity to have their production adjudicated. These two tiers are known as the Gilbert section and the Sullivan section, with each section having it’s own adjudicator and it’s own set of nominees and award winners.

The division of societies into two sections is dealt with through a process of allocation of points relating to the type and number of AIMS nominations received by societies in the previous 5 seasons.

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Any musical society which is a paid up member of AIMS can avail of some of the following:
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