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A.I.M.S. Child & Vulnerable adult Protection Policy & A.I.M.S. Garda Vetting Service

Child Protection Responsibility for all A.I.M.S. Society/Company.  


  • Establish a safe environment in which children can perform.

  • Develop and implement procedures for identifying and reporting cases, or suspected cases, of abuse.

  • Appoint a senior member of committee to have specific responsibility for child protection and welfare.

  • Ensure that we organise AIMS Garda vetting, or for Northern Irl.  Access N.I. Criminal Record Check, on all volunteers who work or supervise all junior members.

  • Contribute to the prevention of abuse through promotion of best practice policies and procedures.

  • Facilitate the provision of training to ensure member societies have a good working knowledge of policies and procedures.

To meet these responsibilities (Society/company) will ensure that:

  • Every society should have in place a Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection policy. A Draft policy is available from A.I.M.S. by contacting Feargal Cavanagh email . This draft may be used by each member society as a basis to adopt to provide your own Child Protection policy which suits your particular society or company.

  • Junior members or vulnerable adults will be supervised by members appointed by your governing Society/Company along with appointed production team who work with Junior members, all of these individuals must have an AIMS Garda verting certificate, or within Northern Irl., Access N.I. Criminal Record Check.

  • A.I.M.S Garda Vetting application form are available from the download section on the website or contact Feargal Cavanagh A.I.M.S.  D.L.P.  directly at This single page application form, can be processed through your society DLP which should be forwarded to Feargal, (To comply with current covid 19 restrictions, we currently will accept a scan of the original filled-in form) at )   and payment fees may be made directly to the AIMS bank account.  Each individual will receive an on-line query form, which will need a speedy reply, as it will expire after a short few days interim period. When the A.I.M.S Garda Clearance certs are complete, they will be emailed directly to each society DLP.

  • A.I.M.S. is currently working on a guide for societies on best practice procedure for Child protection, for all member societies/companies. When complete this will be made available to all member societies. If you have any queries contact Feargal Cavanagh at 

  • All society/company members, employees and invited performers, should be informed of our Child Protection Policy.

  • Our Child Protection Guidelines are available here:

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