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Urinetown The Musical

16 Nov 2023

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Musical

27 Jun 2023

Little Shop of Horrors

1 May 2023

Kilmainham Inchicore Musical Society presents 'Young Frankenstein'

1 Nov 2023



SECTION A: Application

  1. A Society must be a paid up member of AIMS when applying for the AIMS Adjudicator.

  2. Requests for services of the AIMS Adjudicator must be made on the special application form provided by AIMS, and must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. NO TELEPHONE BOOKINGS. Forms incorrectly completed will be returned to society and will go to end of queue.

  3. Application must be made AT LEAST SIX WEEKS prior to the commencement of the show.

  4. Applications will be processed in the order they are received by the Adjudication Scheme Administrators.

  5. Visits by the AIMS Adjudicators to Societies will be arranged in such a manner, as will be the most economical and convenient itinerary for the adjudicators.

  6. Every reasonable effort will be made for the AIMS Adjudicators to attend each show requested. Where a choice must be made between attendance at two or more shows simultaneously, the AIMS Adjudicator will:-
    a. Attend the Society presenting its first production of the season or
    b. Attend the Society that applied first.

  7. The same show title produced by the same company adjudicated previously by the AIMS Adjudicator may not be adjudicated again within three AIMS seasons, even if a new production or a new adjudicator.

  8. Completion of the Adjudication Scheme Application Form shall be deemed to be acceptance by the competing Society of the Rules of the Adjudication and Awards Scheme.

SECTION B: Eligibility For Nomination / Awards

  1. All individuals are eligible for nomination/award unless they express the wish not to be considered.

  2. Only recognised Operas, Operettas, Light Operas, Musicals and Musical Comedies are eligible for AIMS Awards. Pantomimes, variety shows, etc. are excluded from the scheme.

  3. The categories of Best Overall Show and Runner Up, Chorus, Ensemble, Choreography, Stage Management, Programme and Front of House are deemed "Society" Awards and are not to be regarded as for any individual.

  4. The ADJUDICATOR'S SPECIAL/SPIRIT OF AIMS awards are given entirely at the discretion of the AIMS Adjudicators for the time being in office, and may be awarded for any aspect of Production, Presentation or Performance.

  5. There will be only one programme award

  6. If pit-singers are used during a performance, then their use must be clearly indicated and acknowledged in the show programme.

  7. The use of vocal backing tracks or musical backing tracks must be indicated on the application form. Use of these tracks may exclude a society from certain award categories.

SECTION C: General

  1. By applying for the Adjudicator, the society gives AIMS permission to reproduce portions of their show programme on the AIMS Website or in Show Times, for the purposes of promotion and information for members. If a Society does not agree to this, or is unable to give this consent, they must indicate this in writing to the AIMS National Secretary.

  2. Publication of the summary review in SHOW TIMES is at the integrity/discretion of the Adjudicator and the Editor. Neither the National Council of AIMS nor any of its members has any input into such publication.

  3. Each participating society must provide four copies of the show programme for the AIMS Adjudicator on his/her arrival at the show.

  4. Upon commencement of booking, two seats must be reserved for the adjudicator for each performance. These seats must offer a clear and unobstructed view of the stage. Once the date for the adjudicator’s visit has been confirmed, the seats for the other performances may be released.

  5. Societies should include in each show programme an advert at least one quarter page in size acknowleding the AIMS sponsor. A special design for this advert will be available and differs each year. This is available for download from the AIMS website Every reasonable effort must be made to ensure the inclusion of this advert, accepting that sometimes this may not be possible due to the theatre venue.

  6. Any queries arising out of these rules or any aspect of the Adjudication and Awards Scheme should be referred to the National Council of AIMS, through the Adjudication Scheme Administrators.

  7. The decision of the National Council of AIMS on any interpretation of these rules shall be final.

  8. The AIMS Adjudicator shall review each show under the following headings:

  • Overview

  • Musical Direction:

    • a) Conductor

    • b) Chorus Master / Mistress

    • c) Overall interpretation of score

  • Orchestra:

    • a) Tone

    • b) Tempo

    • c) Balance

    • d) Accuracy

  • Singing:

    • a) Chorus

    • b) Principals

    • c) Secondary Roles

  • Acting:

    • a) Principals

    • b) Secondary Roles

    • c) Chorus

    • d) Interaction between Principals, Secondary roles & Chorus

  • Production:

    • a) Pace

    • b) Staging

    • c) Interpretation

  • Choreography:

    • a) Concept & Integration

    • b) Execution

  • Stage Manager:

    • a) Scene Changes

    • b) Props

    • c) Sound

  • Set Design

  • Lighting:

    • a) Design

    • b) Execution

  • Costumes:

    • a) Authenticity

    • b) Presentation

    • c) Accessories

  • Make-Up

  • House Management

  • Adjudicator's Suggestions

SECTION C: General

  1. Societies are split into two sections - Gilbert and Sullivan, based on the number of points they have received in the previous 5 awards seasons.

  2. Points are awarded for receiving a nomination only (NOT for winning) - the number of points awarded depends upon the award, as follows (as of 2011/2012):

5 points for Best Overall Show nominations

4 points for Choreography, Spirit of AIMS/Adjudicator's Special, Ensemble or Chorus nominations

2 points for Best Visual, Technical, Director, Musical Director, Best Stage Management or any of the individual nominations

1 point for a Best House Management nomination

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