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For more information on our bursaries, please contact our team.

Applications for the bursary open in April and close early June. The interviews take place during our Youth Summer School in the URSULINE CONVENT THURLES CO TIPPERARY. Shortlisting will apply.

If you'd like to apply then a electronic application for the Bursaries with detailed account of your relevant musical theatre experience, your affiliation to an AIMS Affiliated Society (email from Chair/Secretary or committee member will suffice) Photos and proof of acceptance to a Musical Theatre Course is required.
Applications must be sent by email to AIMS National Secretary Frank Foley by first week  of June.


Anne O’Neill – Musical Director, Chorus Mistress, Accompanist worked in the AIMS and associated circles for 30 years. Always had a soft spot for people trying to “Make it in the business” and supported them in every way she could. Anne has sadly passed on, but she wouldn’t approve of anything more than a bursary in her name to help people studying in the field, so that’s why this bursary exists.

This Bursary is kindly provided Anne’s family in her name and is administered by AIMS. Anyone who is a full time student in a recognised Theatre/Drama School may apply.

See below for the rules and eligibility.


2022 - Rachel Gaughan

2021 - Emma Thornton

2020 - David O'Donovan

2019 - Callum Martin

2018 - Gavin Kennedy

2017 - Emma Martin

2016 - Megan McArthur

2015 - Anna Rose Hennessy

2014 – Diarmuid Scahill
2013 – Zak McClelland
2012 – Hilary Murnane
2010 – Clare Duffy

2009 – Amy Harpur
2008 – Amy Penston
2007 – Anthony Kinahan

2006 – Kieran Griffiths

2005 – Ben Morris

2004 – AJ O’Neill


The Gleneagle Hotel has hosted the annual AIMS Awards for the past twelve years but its relationship and support of Irish musicals is in fact much older. The Gleneagle Hotel is one of the original patrons of the Killarney Musical Society and has been proud to stage their annual musical since the INEC first opened in 2000. The annual AIMS Weekend and awards ceremony is a highlight in The Gleneagle calendar and the hotel is proud to sponsor the AIMS Bursary for 2015 for the golden jubilee celebrations.

Anyone who is a full time student in a recognised Theatre/Drama School may apply. See below for the rules and eligibility.


2021 - No Bursary Awarded

2020 - No Bursary Awarded

2019 - Sean Hanratty and Niamh Long

2018 - Tom O’Kelly
2017 - Liam McEvoy
2016 - Sam O’Shea
2015 - Shane O'Riordan

2014 – Christopher McGuigan
2013 – Anne O’Riordan
2012 – Andrew Linnie
2010 – Hollie O’Donoghue
2009 – Barry MacGonagle
2008 – Patrick Smyth



2022 - Hannah Devereux and Grace Shesgreen

2021 - Ashton Murphy and Aoibheann Malone

2020 - Rua Barron

2019 - Gavin Ryan


  • The bursary shall be awarded on an annual basis.

  • The AIMS Youth and Education Committee shall have sole responsibility in the final decision regarding the bursary.

  • The AIMS Youth and Education Committee shall appoint an independent assessor for selection purposes.

  • The bursary shall be advertised in April/May of each calendar year. It shall be advertised in Show Times, on the AIMS website and by any other means deemed to be necessary by the AIMS Youth and Education Committee.

  • Notice of the bursary application shall be sent to regional and society secretaries. It is the responsibility of the aforementioned secretaries to notify the relevant bodies.

  • Each letter of application shall be accompanied by a detailed personal Curriculum Vitae and signed by a committee member of an affiliated AIMS society.

  • Each applicant must make themselves available for interview at the discretion of the AIMS Youth and Education Committee.

  • The bursary shall be awarded to a sole recipient.

  • Recipients may only receive the bursary on one occasion.

  • Only those enrolled on a recognised full time theatre course shall be eligible for consideration.

  • The decisions of the AIMS Youth and education Committee shall be final in all matters.

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