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Rush Musical Society presents God Bless Archie Dean

Rush Musical Society presents God Bless Archie Dean

Time & Location

From :

Curtain :

12 March 2009


21 March 2009


Wilfie Pyper

Musical Director:

Gay Kirwin


Maura Talbot

About the Event

Archie has a Dilemma. He’s been told he isn’t good enough to make it into heaven, but they won’t let him into hell either because they don’t know what his sin was.
It appears that Purgatory for Eternity is on the cards, but Toby, Hell’s doorman, offers him a deal. He’ll give him one month of borrowed time back on earth, during which he must commit a cardinal sin to gain entry to Hell.
Archie Reluctantly accepts, but when put to task, he is incapable of evil. He makes hilarious attempts to commit adultery, to rob a bank and to commit murder, but on every occasion he ends up being honourable instead of evil. He even fails miserably at attempting suicide.
But St. Peter is watching from heavenly wings and in this story of good versus evil, the outcome is eventually a happy one!!
Starring Peter O Brien as Archie, Gary Finnegan as Toby and Michelle Harris as Stella.
THe Show runs for Eight Nights From 12th-21st March (exluding 16th and 17th of March)
Time: 8pm (Note 8.30pm Saturday)
See our New website for up to date Photos and Information.

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