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Glencullen Musical & Dramatic Society presents Dancing at Lughnasa

Glencullen Musical & Dramatic Society presents Dancing at Lughnasa

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9 April 2013


13 April 2013


Bernard Doyle

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<h3>Dancing at Lughnasa by
Glencullen Musical and Dramatic Society

Lughnasa is coming early this year! Celebrated this April(9 to 13) at Easter time in the Mill Theatre in Dundrum. Brought to you by Glencullen Musical and Dramatic Society (GMDS).

<p>Dancing at Lughnasa is a 1990 play by Brian Friel. Set in Glenties, Donegal in 1936, the play is loosely based on a true story involving Friel’s own aunts. The narrator remembers a last magical summer in his aunts' cottage when he was seven years old. The house is filled with bustle and work and music and the vibrant sisters of the family. Friel paints a loving portrait of life in Ireland of the 30s.

<p>The play takes place around the Celtic harvest festival of Lughnasadh. Love and happiness seem possible for the five Mundy sisters as they welcome home their frail elder brother who has returned from a life as a missionary in Africa. The family is together this summer however times are hard, economic and social pressures stress the family despite the strength of character of the sisters and the future is uncertain.

<p>Bernard Doyle who directed The Field with GMDS last March is directing this play. Many years ago 'Dancing' was the first play Bernard directed. The experienced members of GMDS know the play very well. Different versions of the play have been seen over the years. The whole team is very excited to be creating an authentic, funny at times, yet hard, sad and emotional play.

<p>We have an excellent production again and we want to call on everyone to come and see the play and also pass the message on to as wide an audience as possible. This is an especially good opportunity for the Leaving Cert students studying the play to see it in real life. We have just a weeks performance for this show and the energy between a good audience and cast on stage is magic!

<p>Thanks to all who turned out for readings and auditions for the plays in January. Standards were very high and we have the good fortune that our director had some difficult decisions to make! Congratulations to our now hard-working cast for this production who are: Kate Mundy by Ruth Fitzsimon, Maggie Mundy by Emma Smith, Christina Mundy by Eimear Slattery, Rose Mundy by Saoirse Doyle, Agnes Mundy by Sabina Bonnici, Michael Evans by Peter O'Brien, Gerry Evans by Brendan Phelan, Father Jack by Liam Corrigan.

<p>Glencullen Musical and Dramatic Society as always welcomes new and old members. We have a musical and a play each year and other activities when enough members are interested in running them. There many other ways to be involved from front stage, backstage, front of house, PR, Props & set construction. If you would like to get involved please make contact (come and talk at rehearsals, send us email, visit

<p>The play is a much loved production by actors and audience alike. The 1990 Abbey play won both an Olivier Award [1991] and Tony Award [1992] for Best Play. The original cast included Rosaleen Linehan as Kate, Anita Reeves as Maggie and Bríd Brennan as Agnes. Dancing at Lughnasa was adapted for film in 1998 starring Meryl Streep as Kate Mundy and Brid Brennan repries her role as Agnes again. The film won an Irish Film and Television Award for Best Actor in a Female Role by Brid Brennan.

<p>The show will be opening April 9 and run until the April 13. Tickets are available through the Mill Theatre Dundrum. Phone (01) 296 9340. Website

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