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Oyster Lane Theatre Group



Oyster Lane Theatre Group was formed in January 1994 when a group of volunteers came forward to form a committee and began the process of turning the dream into a reality of mixing youth with experience to showcase the talent on display in Wexford town. And our ‘ethos’ were born!

We embarked on probably the best show any new group with our ethos could hope for – 'Grease'. With a lot of hard work, excellent PR and a few master strokes (like Boyzone coming to the gala night), ‘Grease’ sold out not just the originally planned six nights but a seventh night just two hours after being announced on 2FM.

The intervening years have seen the group build on ‘Grease’s initial success, staging ambitious shows such as 'Jesus Christ Superstar', the Irish Premiere of 'All 4 One' and eventually 'Michael Collins – a Musical Drama' in 2018 which won Best Overall Show in the Sullivan Section as part of the Association of Irish Musical Societies (AIMS) Awards.

We've also produced family favourites such as 'Oliver!', 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'Legally Blonde' all whilst staying true to the group’s ethos of mixing youth with experience. Performing with OLTG has inspired members to study theatre and the arts, work in the media as well as giving confidence and ambition to perform with other local and national groups.

Oyster Lane Theatre Group




Jennifer Nolan

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