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INFO: Musical Theatre Mentoring Programme (Pilot)

We are delighted to announce our AIMS School Mentoring, Constructive Appraisal and Awards Scheme on a national level starting in academic year 2024- 2025 

AIMS is a national organisation with musical theatre groups across the 32 counties of Ireland which endeavours to provide a service to all active member societies under its umbrella since its foundation in 1965. It provides an information service, an Insurance Scheme, a website and each year there is an Adjudication Scheme that culminates in an Awards banquet in June. Conscious of the huge talent that exists among young people throughout the country, AIMS set up an Education Committee in 1996 to look at ways of fostering and nurturing that talent. In 1997, the first youth workshop was held with enormous success and the participants had the added bonus of performing in the Waterford International Festival of Light Opera that year. The Workshops have continued successfully since and have grown in popularity. This year we are introducing the School Mentoring, Constructive Appraisal and Awards scheme. 

This will be an opportunity to get advice from a professional working in the Musical Theatre space to help develop, sustain and affirm your work on musical theatre in your school or to help you establish a musical theatre practice. 

As part of the pilot scheme, you will receive - 

  1. A visit from an AIMS appointed mentor, who will attend the show and will write up a constructive appraisal of the Show along with constructive suggestions to assist the production team in developing the standard of Musical Theatre production in your school. 

  2. There may be an online meeting organised after the visit as requested by the Show Director with the mentor at times agreed between the Mentor & Show Director. All aspects of selecting, producing, and staging a Musical Theatre show are open for discussion. 

  3. Possible nominations for the Awards Ceremony 2025 with prizes awarded. 

Please find the application form here and a poster advertising the programme.

Complete the application form and return via email to Annette, the administrator of our scheme will liaise with you on further details. 

The overall cost of participating in this pilot scheme is €80.

This is highly subsidised by funding from the Department of Education and funding from the Arts Council of Ireland. 

We will be carrying out a review of this pilot programme at the end of the show season and your feedback will greatly enhance the programme moving forward.


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