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Details on Theatre reopening from THEATRE FORUM

Reopening Forum

by Theatre Forum

Wednesday 9 June, 11.30am, Zoom After the zig zags of the last 14 months, now there are team, safety, programme and audience issues to be managed to reopen safely. To provide some direction, we’re planning a Reopening Forum with the AIST. It’s taking place next Wednesday, 9 June, at 11.30am. An expert panel will share their views and insights on what’s ahead.

  • Overview of the reopening phases, guidelines and planning for numbers and capacities at indoor and outdoor events, June-August and from September.

  • Key H&S issues around reopening for the in-house team, visiting cast and crew, and the public/audiences

  • AIST socially distanced seating and circulation guidance

  • Programme and artform considerations as well as cinema programmes in arts centres

  • Ticketing

  • Collecting audience survey information in line with Department’s pilot events one (vaccination status, age and mode of transport to venue).

We will hold a second Reopening Forum in the coming weeks to discuss any other reopening issues that emerge. Like all our events in this crisis, this one is free and open to all. Please register and if you let us know beforehand of your specific queries, we’ll try and find an answer or get clarification for you. We thank the AIST for sharing their expertise with all of us.


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