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AIMS Awards Postponement

Hi All, 😉

Hope that everyone is keeping well and looking after their hands, hearts and minds during these uncertain times.

The AIMS Council had a virtual meeting over the weekend to discuss the evolving situation with COVID-19. This meeting especially took place in respect of the AIMS Awards Weekend, due to take place in June and AIMS Adjudication Scheme 2019/2020.

Each region had been sent out correspondence to their societies to get some feedback on the idea’s we’d come up with in relation to these matters. We’d like to thank the many societies who came back with feedback on this, it provided a really good basis for our discussions over the weekend. Following the meeting and after discussion on the many suggestions the following has been agreed and decided in relation to the AIMS Awards and AIMS Adjudication Scheme 2019/2020: AIMS Awards 2020: The AIMS Awards Weekend which had been scheduled to take place from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th of June has been postponed. If the restrictions in relation to COVID-19 are lifted, then we are hoping for the Awards Weekend to take place from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th of September in Killarney. In relation to the AIMS Nominations, we are going to announce the AIMS Nominations on Sunday 24th of May. This will be done across our favourite new medium….. ONLINE and VIRTUALLY and further details on time and all that jazz will follow at a further date. We should advise that if the restrictions are still in place and if the AIMS Awards Weekend can’t take place in September then we will once again use Online and Virtual platforms to announce the Award Winners on Saturday 19th of September……So this is a date to mark in the diary and is something we hope for you all to look forward to. 👍 We have as always had unprecedented numbers pay their deposits for the AIMS Awards Weekend, which is great and If the proposed date in September goes ahead then preference will be given to those who have paid their deposits. We can understand some people may not be in a position to/or indeed want to attend the AIMS Awards Weekend in September, (if it goes ahead) so if you would like to get your money back then we will of course arrange this. If you have any queries in relation to your booking and deposit return then please contact your Society Booking Contact who can liase directly with Fiona in relation to this matter. AIMS Adjudication Scheme 2019/2020: The AIMS Adjudication Scheme will end in May as per the normal season to allow for the nominations and awards details of which are above. If any societies have postponed their shows and their rescheduled dates fall after May, then they will be adjudicated in the 2020/2021 Season. Due to these unprecedented circumstances, there will be no affects to points for the coming season which means only shows shortlisted for the Overall Show in Sullivan will move to Gilbert Section for 2020/2021 and there be no further update or change to points for anyone else. This means your society, bar those mentioned above for Sullivan Overall Show will remain in the same category for the coming season. We can appreciate that the decision we have made might not be ideal for all of our members, but rest assured they have not been taken lightly and we have taken these decisions to protect the health, safety and welfare of all our wonderful members. As an AIMS Executive and National Council we are here to provide support, assistance and help wherever we can so if you have any further questions then please contact any member of the AIMS National Council. Please continue to keep spreading the kindness, turn up the music and sing and dance as much as you can…….It spreads the joy! Heads Up, Hearts Out and continue to send Good Vibes to you all! Thanks very much Kate AIMS National PRO Xxxx😉😉😉


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