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Avonmore Musical Society

Urinetown the Musical

Urinetown the Musical

Time & Location

From :

Curtain :

11 April 2023


15 April 2023


Stephen Acton

Musical Director:

Naoimh Penston


Martina Lynch

About the Event

Water is so much of a commodity that nobody can afford to have toilets in their homes. Multinational corporations have implemented a fee in order to use
the public toilets. Public urination is illegal and punishable by law. One man, Bobby Strong, leads a revolution against the powers that be in order to allow
people to pee for free. A tale of greed, corruption, rebellion, murder, love, hope and a healthy dose of silly humour.
Urinetown is a comedy; a parody about corruption (and musical theatre). The characters are often dead pan in their silliness, sometimes over over-the-top,
but believable also. Gesture, movement, facial expression are important tools to get the comic timing and to sell the dark humour. It is theatre of the absurd rather than absurd theatre. Timing is very important.

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