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JW Productions presents Mr Carter (World Premiere)

JW Productions presents Mr Carter (World Premiere)

Time & Location

From :

Curtain :

3 May 2018


6 May 2018


Stefan J Doyle

Musical Director:

Stefan J Doyle


Robert Donnelly/Holly-Jean Williamson

About the Event

Mr Carter is a New Explosive, High energy original Musical written and directed by Stefan J Doyle. The musical is set in New York 1940s. A Company owner Samual Carter and his Wife having lost their Previous fortune due to unsuccessful shows, decide to make one last stab at it, the only problem is, They don't have a cast and little to no one is willing to work for them due to Mr Carter's Failed reputation, it is up to him, his wife Cecily Carter and sheer luck to save the day and their Company. This on the edge of your seat show/musical is a whirlwind of Dramatic And Hilarious Love affairs, with High energy Tap dancing that will blow your socks off

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