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Calendar Girls The Musical

Calendar Girls The Musical

Time & Location

From :

Curtain :

28 September 2023


30 September 2023


Pat PcElwain

Musical Director:

Shane Farrell


Sarah Kenny

About the Event

They Dropped Everything For A Good Cause

The death of a much-loved husband prompts a group of ordinary women in a small Yorkshire Women’s Institute to do an extraordinary thing.

Bravo Theatre Group are delighted to stage the fabulous award-winning musical Calendar Girls The Musical. The musical is based on the 2003 film and play Calendar Girls, which is in turn based on a true story. When Annie’s husband John dies of leukaemia, she and best friend Chris resolve to raise money for a new settee in the local hospital waiting room. They manage to blast away all preconceptions and persuade other fellow Women’s Institute members to pose with them for a nude calendar, with a little help from hospital porter and amateur photographer Lawrence and carefully positioned props.

Upturning preconceptions is a dangerous business and none of them expect the emotional and personal ramifications, but gradually the making of the fabulous and funny calendar brings each woman unexpectedly into flower.

The true story of the Calendar Girls launched a global phenomenon, a million copycat calendars, a record-breaking movie, stage play and this musical written by Tim Firth and Gary Barlow which coined the term “craughing” – the act of crying and laughing at the same time.

Calendar Girls the Musical is quirky, poignant, hilarious, and packed with unforgettable songs. Don’t miss it!

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