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Ulster Operatic Company presents High School Musical 2

Ulster Operatic Company presents High School Musical 2

Time & Location

From :

Curtain :

25 August 2009


29 August 2009


David Rice

Musical Director:

Wilson Shields


Ditanya Martin

About the Event

High School Musical 2 follows Troy and Gabriella and the rest of the Wildcats out of their East High safety zone and into the unfamiliar jungle of Lava Springs Country Club.
The movie premiere was seen by a total of 17.3 million viewers in the United States-almost 10 million more than its predecessor - making it, at the time of its airing, the highest-rated Disney Channel Movie.

Ulster Operatic Company is staging the Northern Ireland Premiere of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 in Stranmillis College Theatre from 25th to 29th of August, 2009.

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