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Tightrope Productions Limited presents Les MIsérables School Edition

Tightrope Productions Limited presents Les MIsérables School Edition

Time & Location

From :

Curtain :

31 August 2010


3 September 2010


Brian Dooley/ Keith Somers

Musical Director:

Dave (Doc) O'Connor


Lisa Phillips

About the Event

The sweeping musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s great novel that became one of the most popular musicals of all time. Released in a version for performance by students, this epic Boublil & Schonberg production never fails to excite and enrich both audience and cast alike.
The setting is 19th-century France. Imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread, petty thief Jean Valjean is released from his 19-year term and not only becomes an honest man, but the mayor of a prosperous town and a loving adoptive father - violating his parole in the process. He is consequently pursued by the relentless Inspector Javert, who makes a decent life for Valjean impossible. Only years later, after Valjean proves his mettle during a bloody student uprising, does the ex-convict finally feel fully redeemed.

Marking its 25th Year, Les Miserables is a fitting first outing for Tightrope Productions Ltd, a community based youth theatre initiative in Dún Laoghaire/Rathdown area - see our website for more details:

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