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St. Patrick's Choral Society, Downpatrick presents SUNSET BOULEVARD

St. Patrick's Choral Society, Downpatrick presents SUNSET BOULEVARD

Time & Location

From :

Curtain :

7 October 2015


10 June 2015


Gary Warnock

Musical Director:

Gareth McGreevy


Ditanya McKinty

About the Event

St. Patrick's Choral Society in conjunction with the Declan McMullan Fund 'Stuck for Words' campaign, will be performing The Irish Premiere of Sunset Boulevard. All proceeds will be going to charities nominated by the 'Stuck for Words' campaign.

Declan McMullan suffered a heart attack at the age of 19 due to an unknown underlying medical condition. As a result he has been left with Brain damage and suffers from locked in Syndrome. He communicates by blinking while letters of the alphabet are called out. His Brother Mark, became an internet sensation earlier this year when a video of him singing to Declan went viral. Mark has since sang on TV programmes such as The Nolan Show and the Late Late Show and received high praise from many including Russell Crowe, Alfie Boe, Gary Lightbody and Louis Walsh.

Mark will be playing the male lead role in this Irish Premiere, with Fiona Keegan playing the iconic Norma Desmond. With members from St Patrick's Choral and many more friends from Northern Societies, this promises to be an amazing show, one not to be missed! Tickets are on sale now and available from the Grand Opera House website.

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