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St Mary's Choral Society, Clonmel presents The Wizard of Oz

St Mary's Choral Society, Clonmel presents The Wizard of Oz

Time & Location

From :

Curtain :

23 November 2012


1 December 2012


Diarmuid Vaughan

Musical Director:

Danny Carroll


Gillian Hewitt Fitzgerald & Majella Louise Fitzgerald.

About the Event

Little Dorothy Gale of Kansas, like so many girls her age, often dreams of what may lie over the rainbow. One day a tornado hits her home town and carries her away to Munchkinland at the other end of the rainbow.

The Munchkins fete Dorothy as a heroine. Dorothy wants to go home to Kansas and seeks the help of the kind Sorceress of the North. Only the great Wizard of Oz, says the Sorceress, can help Dorothy get back to Kansas.

Dorothy persuades three friends to accompany her on the trip to the Emerald City to see the Wizard. They are the Scarecrow, who lacks a brain, he thinks; the Tin Woodman, who has no heart; and the Cowardly Lion who would like to have some courage.

The Wicked Witch of the West vows vengeance on Dorothy and does all she can to stop the friends getting to the Emerald City. But they do reach it and manage to see the Wizard. He will only help them, he says, if they kill the Wicked Witch of the West, an apparently impossible task. They do succeed, they get all their wishes, and the Wizard accompanies Dorothy back to Kansas in a rocket ship.

The will know score includes some of the best-loved songs in the American musicals pantheon (“OVER THE RAINBOW”, “IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN”, “WE’RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD”, “DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD”, “FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD” and many more)

The Clonmel Production features 14 year old local schoolgirl Ciara Laste as Dorothy, Society Chairman George Barry plays the Wizard, Michelle Moloney is Glinda, Michelle Smith is the Wicked Witch/Miss Gulch, Kevin Fahey plays The Scarecrow, David Hughes is The Tin Man, Sheena Fennessy is The Cowardly Lion, Noel Cairns is Uncle Henry, Grainne Vaughan is Aunt Em and Toto the dog is being played by Tootsie Vaughan! Supporting this impressive line-up of principals is our award-winning chorus and a supporting cast of 40 children who make up the Munchinkins, Citizens of Oz, Winkies, Flying Monkeys etc.

The Wizard of Oz will run for ten performances including a matinee performance on Sunday 25th November with a reduced ticket price of €15. Tickets for all other performances are €18. For booking and all other details see our advert on AIMS Homepage

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