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Sheevawn Musical Group presents Our House

Sheevawn Musical Group presents Our House

Time & Location

From :

Curtain :

12 August 2010


21 August 2010


Siobhan Gallagher

Musical Director:

John Morris


Yvonne Prendergast

About the Event

This recent West End hit, set in North London, won the Olivier Award for ‘Best New Musical’. It is an epic, passionate and fast moving romantic comedy that begins on the night of a young bloke’s sixteenth birthday. The night he commits a petty crime to impress the girl he loves. When the police arrive, young Joe is faced with one of those crossroad choices we all face at points in our lives. Stay or run. ‘Our House’ follows the two courses his life would have taken had he stayed to face the music, or bunked the law and made a run for it. It features the music of Madness, one of the UK’s biggest selling singles band, including Baggy Trousers, It Must be Love, Driving in My Car, Embarrassment and the title song Our House.

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