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Kilcock Musical & Dramatic Society presents Zorba

Kilcock Musical & Dramatic Society presents Zorba

Time & Location

From :

Curtain :

27 April 2011


1 May 2011


Philippa Alford

Musical Director:

Dermot O'Callaghan


Julie Donnelly

About the Event

The setting is Crete in 1924. Niko, a young student, has inherited a mine which he plans to resurrect to its working state. With his new friend, Zorba, he travels from Piraeus and lodges with a French woman, Hortense. It soon becomes apparent that Zorba and Hortense... are attracted to each other and there soon becomes a romantic involvement. Zorba tries to get Niko interested in a young Widow but Niko treads wearily.
It's a story of people, love, life and relationships. Zorba is very much his own man and a law unto himself. He is a philosophical man who believes that one must accept death as one accepts life.

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