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Greasepaint Productions presents Calamity Jane

Greasepaint Productions presents Calamity Jane

Time & Location

From :

Curtain :

27 September 2010


2 October 2010


Donall Henderson & Jane McCarter

Musical Director:

Noel Thompson


Elizabeth O'Donnell

About the Event

This all-time favourite wild-west musical brings us back to Deadwood City, 1876. Sharpshooting tomboy, CALAMITY JANE is surrounded by cowboys, townsfolk, and the famous Wild Bill Hickok. After a mix-up in the talent pool at the Golden Garter, she heads for Chicago to import to Deadwood the glamorous actress, Adelaide Adams, but returns by mistake with her maid, Katie Brown instead. Katie wins the heart of the young Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin, and when Calam sheds her tomboy persona at a ball at the local Fort and becomes a true woman, she realises that her love interest is much closer to home. With many recognisable tunes such as THE WINDY CITY, DEADWOOD STAGE and the classic SECRET LOVE, you will be spellbound by this unique interpretation by an amazingly talented company who are going from strength to strength.

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