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Showtimes to Cease Publication

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Following much discussion over the last number of years, a decision was reach by the AIMS National Council at the AIMS Working Weekend in Mullingar to cease publication of Showtimes, which was in turn announced at the AIMS AGM last Sunday.

The current format of Showtimes is no longer viable despite a huge effort and hard work from so many including: Showtimes Editor Brandon Cogley, National Secretary Frank Foley, former AIMS National President Richard Lavery and National PRO Kate Furlong so we thank them for their dedication in keeping this publication alive.

The current subscriptions will run until June 2023 until the AIMS Awards Weekend 2023 so no new subscriptions will be taken. We will be publishing the AIMS Public Adjudication on the AIMS Website. It is hoped by doing this we drive traffic, hits and click through to the AIMS Website. In the digital age, the time has come to bring Showtimes into the digital age and see what the future holds for the many articles, stories and reviews from around the country.

A Sub Committee has formed which will look at Showtimes and explore some options in terms of keeping Showtimes brand alive and as soon as we have further details we will advise across the AIMS Website and the AIMS Social Media channels so be sure to watch this space.

We appreciate that this decision is disappointing but we can assure you that every effort has been made over the last couple of years to come up with new ideas, new promotions and new ways to keep the Showtimes brand alive. We will be working behind the scenes to bring all the magic you will miss and the Showtimes brand into the digital age and once again we will AIM to let it take centre stage.

Thanks very much

Kate Furlong

AIMS National PRO



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