Gleneagle Bursary

The Gleneagle Hotel has hosted the annual AIMS Awards for the past twelve years but its relationship and support of Irish musicals is in fact much older. The Gleneagle Hotel is one of the original patrons of the Killarney Musical Society and has been proud to stage their annual musical since the INEC first opened in 2000. The annual AIMS Weekend and awards ceremony is a highlight in The Gleneagle calendar and the hotel is proud to sponsor the AIMS Bursary for 2015 for the golden jubilee celebrations.

Anyone who is a full time student in a recognised Theatre/Drama School may apply. See below for the rules and eligibility.

Bursary Guidelines
  • The bursary shall be awarded on an annual basis.
  • The AIMS Youth and Education Committee shall have sole responsibility in the final decision regarding the bursary.
  • The AIMS Youth and Education Committee shall appoint an independent assessor for selection purposes.
  • The bursary shall be advertised in April/May of each calendar year. It shall be advertised in Show Times, on the AIMS website and by any other means deemed to be necessary by the AIMS Youth and Education Committee.
  • Notice of the bursary application shall be sent to regional and society secretaries. It is the responsibility of the aforementioned secretaries to notify the relevant bodies.
  • Each letter of application shall be accompanied by a detailed personal Curriculum Vitae and two independent referees.
  • Each applicant must make themselves available for interview at the discretion of the AIMS Youth and Education Committee.
  • The bursary shall be awarded to a sole recipient.
  • Recipients may only receive the bursary on one occasion.
  • Only those enrolled on a recognised full time theatre course shall be eligible for consideration.
  • The decisions of the AIMS Youth and education Committee shall be final in all matters.
Past Recipients