Changes to Adjudication/Awards Scheme
(25/09/2018) by Frank Foley

Details of changes to adjudcation Scheme

A number of changes in the AIMS ADJUDICATION and AWARDS SCHEME by National Council at a recent meeting.
It has been decided to split the Choreography and Choreographer Awards into two separate awards. It has also been decided to have a Programme Award in each section both Gilbert and Sullivan.
No decision has been made on when the announcement of the overall show's will take place either with the other nomination announcements (in New Ross for last few years) or continue with their announcement on the Friday night of the Awards Weekend.

It has also been decided in cases where societies do a number of shows each year that the total of points  from their best show for nominations will be awarded/calculated for points.

If any Societies and/or individuals would like to donate or sponsor a trophy please contact National Secretary Frank Foley [email protected]

Any queries on the above issues please contact the National Secretary.