Want to appear in Advert for TV and get Paid?
(27/03/2014) by Colm Moules

Independent TV company seeking people to take part in a TV advert and get paid

My name is Sheena O'Byrne and I work for Top Films, a TV production company. We are currently working on an ad for television and looking for people to participate in it.

I am seeking to fill TWO profiles, as follows:
1. A couple-

  • in their mid 30's- late 40's
  • lively pair with a sense of adventure
  • Really good pals, as well as partners
  • love to experience the world together
  • genuinely enjoy the beauty of the world around them, perhaps in a shared hobby e.g, walking, hiking, camping, dancing,
  • are romantic

2. A group- (6-8 people, mixed gender, in their 40s)

  • who have been friends for a long time
  • are totally at ease with each other
  • outgoing and adventurous and may go away for weekends together
  • up for a laugh

Other relevant information:

  • MUST be available on Tuesday 1st April (for 2 hours) Friday 4th April (half day) and  Monday 14th or Tuesday 15th April (half day)
  • Those interested should email me ([email protected]) with a minimum of 3 photographs, and a short piece of video (filmed on a phone is fine) where a recent holiday is talked about, and what a dream holiday would be.
  • Participants should be confident, at ease with each other, and happy enough being in front of a camera.
  • Payment information on request.

I would be very grateful if you could circulate this email to your friends or any clubs or groups you know.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions.

Many Thanks


Sheena O'Byrne

Research & Production



13, Seafort Gardens


Dublin 4

t: 086 3361466       01 6609031

e: [email protected]