Will you be a star this Christmas?
(20/05/2008) by Leo Kilroy

TG4 announce details plans for later in the year!!!!

Itís Springtime. The leaves are starting to open on the trees after the long dark winter months. The flowers are pushing their way up through the earth to bask in the warming sun, and the majestic chorus of singing birds echoes throughout the land. The next winter, which is sure to eventually follow, is far from anyoneís thoughts. Or is it?Ö.. One word - CHRISTMAS

Weíre not talking about Santa Claus, or whether snowmen should now be known as snowpeople. Weíre not even talking about last minute shopping. No, this Christmas, itís all about the music charts and the coveted Christmas No. 1Ö.

Itís the most cherished No. 1 any singer can achieve. Itís the No. 1 everyone talks about, and itís the No. 1 that gets played off the airwaves during each festive season. And this year a new challenger will rise to fight for that No. 1 glory.

TG4ís new talent show ĎNollaig No. 1í is searching for a new singing sensation. The winner of the series will launch a single, coupled with a music video and challenge for the top slot this Christmas.

Over 13 shows, thousands of young and old hopefuls will put themselves on the line and under public scrutiny to enter the music record books. Bands, singers & groups will go toe to toe and before the 3 wise judges to become the Chosen One. And a new era of Irish pop will be born.

Have you got the voice that will rule the airwaves this December? If so, we want to meet you! It may only be Springtime, but if you want your chance to be top of the charts this Christmas, apply now for Nollaig No. 1!

Log on to to fill out the application form or call the number below, leave your details and we will be in touch! For Republic of Ireland, call 1512 71 72 17. All calls cost 25 cents. For Northern Ireland, call 0901 1014 053. All calls cost 25 pence.