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In order for this feature on the website to work and to be constructive, there must be ground rules... please read these rules carefully before completing the following forms.

NOTE - IT IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE TO POST ANONYMOUS REVIEWS! Please be aware that you are personally responsible for any reviews that your post.

  1. Ensure that you are constructive and positive at all times.
  2. DO mention the good as well as the bad
  3. Limit your review to the show in question and DO NOT comment on other reviews or productions.
  4. If being critical, please ensure that you are SENSITIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE. Many of the performers etc are budding amateurs doing this as a hobby...
  5. DO NOT mention any names of the ACTORS or CREW. Instead, please use their character name or title. i.e., Curly had a delightful quality to his voice when singing "Surrey with a fringe on top", or The Stage Manager has the team will drilled and the resulting scene changes were carried out with great efficiency" etc. etc.
  6. Reviews of member shows will not be published until the show in question has finished its performance run - professional shows/non-member shows will be published at the discretion of the webmaster..
  7. All reviews will be checked before publication. AIMS reserves the right to edit or reject any reviews submitted.
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  9. Any complaints over published reviews should be directed in writing to the AIMS webmaster, expressing the review and reason for the objection.
  10. AIMS reserves the right to update these rules at any times.