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Show: The Commitments
Society / Company: The Commitments
Venue: BGET
Ticket Price: 35.00
Reviewer: Vinny Osborne
Date Attended: 26/10/2016
Musical Direction:
Principal Acting:
Principal Singing:
Chorus Acting:
Chorus Singing:
Stage Management:

General Comments

A Great night out best describes this show.  Made even more enjoyable seeing so many Irish & AIMS alumni on stage.  The roles of Jimmy Rabbit & Deco were played by performers with outstanding ability in acting & singing.  Jimmy's acting was tour de force as was Deco's singing & comic timing.  The Commitment'ets were simply outstanding not only singing but in choreography.

I loved the likeability of the band mates, especially Derek, Outspan, Dean & of course Joey the Lips.  I was more than impressed with the inclusion of a really motorised scooter which was ridden with ease around the stage.   Also the street style Krafwerk performance had me laugh out loud.

Lighting & Set design was impressive as was 90% of the sound design, for some strange reason Jimmy's Da's mic never seemed to work properly and there was plenty of slightly late cues.  I also felt that Deco's live song vocals could of been just a little bit louder.

There wasn’t a lot for the ensemble to do, but when needed they stepped up & played their part adding to the show.  The only negative I could really make on the show was the variable Irish accents especially Jimmy's Da.  His accent ranged from English to Scottish within 2 hours but there was never a hint of Irish.  Personally I think they should have just let him speak in his native British accent.

It was a very proud moment to see so many AIMS'ters take to the Grand Canal stage on a fully professional stage tour, living out their dreams in front of my eyes.  They never had a slip & if anything the Commitments has been a great showcase for home grown Irish talent.


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