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Show: Oliver!
Society / Company: Cecillian Musical Society
Venue: Limetree Theatre, Mary I
Ticket Price: 23
Reviewer: Paul O'Hara
Date Attended: 02/05/2015
Musical Direction:
Principal Acting:
Principal Singing:
Chorus Acting:
Chorus Singing:
Stage Management:

General Comments

This was my second time seeing a Cecillian show, my first being Copacabanna in 2013. Oliver! Was a great production with fantasic leads, great chorus and of course amazing kids. I have seen Oliver! On the west end back in 2009 and this production was very close to the standard the London production set. All of the leads were exceptional specifically Nancy, Oliver, Mr and Mrs Sowemberry, Fagin and Bill Sykes. I thought the part of Nancy was played perfectly and the director put a scary image on murderer Bill Sykes. From Mr Bumble and widow Corney to Mr Brownlow and Mrs Bedwin it was a production I won't forget. Oliver himself was a nice fit and suited the role well whereas I thought Dodger's voice was not high enough at times but that would be one of my only complaints for Dodger. The choreography was incredible! The kids numbers were just fantastic with great energy throughout. Although the chorus numbers were few in number, the job was done well. One of my favourite numbers from the show was Oom Pah Pah, it was an exceptional sight! Such energy and charisma in that scene and I liked the reaction of the chorus in My Name (credit to the young man who was flung across a table). Lighting was great with appropriate shades used for appropriate scenes, nothing too over the top nothing below. Musical direction was ok, felt very undermined at times but otherwise it was good. My favourite part of the show would have to be As Long As He Needs Me, my wife and I felt it was better than the West End Version. So take a bow Cecillian Musical Society and I will be back again for 'The Addams Family'.

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