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Show: Curtains
Society / Company: Thurles Musical Society
Venue: The Premier
Ticket Price: 20
Reviewer: Declan Martin Taylor
Date Attended: 27/03/2015
Musical Direction:
Principal Acting:
Principal Singing:
Chorus Acting:
Chorus Singing:
Stage Management:

General Comments

I had not been in the Premier since TMS production of The Scarlet Pimpernel, and I had fond memories of it. It's a lovely old styled functional venue with lots of space, and great deep stage space which suited this show, as it flips between action front and back stage,  and the high jinks which happens during Curtians which is a musical who done it. This is a show that real theatre goers will love and was up to a very high standard which TMS are known for.

A solid practical set with the feel of Chicago with clever movable stairs that were used to great effect. Particularly in the dream sequence in "a tough act to follow" when the were joined together to create a lavish beautifully draped stair case that would be at home in any grand opera house. The fantastic pure white drapes here were in contrast to the stained white curtain that was used during "He did it" which was a little surprising. Front line acting mostly was strong. Coffi, Carmen and Cristopher Belling being the stand out performances of the night. I questioned the need of the balconys on the either sides of the facade. At times they distracted to what's on stage, and confused as to wether it was front of stage the action as happening or back stage. They looked impressive and I'm fairly sure they were only added for this show. If not, forgive my ignorance.

Direction throughout was great. I particularly loved the staging of "Wide open spaces" and the follow on into the first murder where the stage action flipped from a front to back view of the production. Noise and feed back on the mics could be heard back stage which is disappointing on a second last night. Chorus singing was strong and the ensemble were good in all their individual characters and reactions. A great show and I was delighted to have made the trip from Kilkenny.

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