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Show: The Hired Man
Society / Company: Kilcock Musical and Dramatic Society
Venue: Kilcock Community Hall
Ticket Price: 15
Reviewer: Sean Fagan
Date Attended: 02/05/2014
Musical Direction:
Principal Acting:
Principal Singing:
Chorus Acting:
Chorus Singing:
Stage Management:

General Comments

The production of The Hired Man was excellent overall and it was really a great emotional rollercoaster experience. I had a great time at the show. The set could have been a bit better with things coming in and out and also having a door into the house from stage entrance and on the stage. Sometimes it was confusing when it was raining in one scene and the Female lead ran in out of the rain was it raining inside the house too.. Otherwise it was excellent. Musical Director and Ensemble singing was brilliant and no one was singing too loud - the balance was perfect from the voices and the orchestra, so well done. "John Tallentire" was outstanding in The Hired Man. The lighting was fine - some scences were brighter and dark at points. One thing I noticed in the middle of the War scene - a stage crew popped his head from the wings during the scene to check on what was happening. Anyway, I really enjoyed the show and well done to all :) Fair play to the choreographer for the movement on-stage - it was a tight squeeze and the choreography fitted perfectly to the space! Great night out!

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