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Show: The Commitments
Society / Company:
Venue: Palace Theatre, London
Ticket Price: 65 sterling
Reviewer: David McEvoy
Date Attended: 29/10/2013
Musical Direction:
Principal Acting:
Principal Singing:
Chorus Acting:
Chorus Singing:
Stage Management:

General Comments

I loved this show although it took a little while to 'warm-up' in Act 1. The first 10 minutes or so were packed with lots of bad language which I know turned some people off. Not the fact that the language was used but the fact that there was so much of it. Practically every sentence had a f**k in it. Really necessary? After this initial start, the story began to take shape and the audience was won over. Killian Donnelly gave an amazing performance. What a voice. He was fantastic and supported by an excellent cast. I loved the set. Very clever design. A particular high point for me (apart from the singing) was the lighting. It was fantastic and really enhanced the production. The audience was on its feet at the end of the night. What more could a cast ask for? Well done all. 

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