Choral Festival Rules
General Festival Notes
  • Competition times will be emailed to all competitors 3 WEEKS before the festival. Please make email addresses legible on the entry form. Please check Junk Mail.
  • A piano will be provided for all competitions.
  • Winners in each competition will receive a Perpetual Trophy. They will also receive a trophy which is retained by the choir. NB. Perpetual Trophies to be returned one month prior to the festival.
  • Photocopying music under copyright is illegal - and should be discouraged. "In addition to supplying us with original scores for the adjudicators, any choir that wishes to use sheet music while performing in competition must comply with all copyright law. The use of photocopied music in breach of copyright law will not be permitted. The penalty for such use may result in disqualification".
  • A.I.M.S. accepts no responsibility for any action taken by publishers against choirs/soloists who perform music that has been reproduced illegally.
  • Music Scores are returned to the choirs by either:
    • Collection at the end of the competition after results or
    • By post: in this case, you must include a large stamped addressed envelope with your entry form allowing sufficient postage for the package weight.
Notes for Friday
  • Entry fees:
    • Competitions 1, 2, and 3 - €30 per entry or €50 for two.
    • Competitions 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 - €10 per entry
  • All competitors must not exceed the upper age-limit of 19 on the day of the competition.
  • Choirs and soloists must submit one original copy of each of their pieces with the entry form (for all competitions). Photocopied music is illegal and will not be accepted by any of our adjudicators. (See note 6 in general notes section). In competition 3 'The Cameo Competition', two copies will suffice, but one full score must be brought along on the day
  • .
  • An accompanist will be available on request for solo competitions only (at your expense) and not competitions 1, 2 and 3. Soloists requesting an accompanist are required to forward an original copy of music for the adjudicator, and a further original copy for the accompanist if needed and the accompanist fee in a separate envelope. BOTH TO BE SENT WITH ENTRY FORM.
  • Choirs are kindly asked NOT to bring school bags into the theatre as there is not sufficient space in the foyer, but an area will be provided for jackets/coats.
Notes for Sunday
  • Entry fees:
    • Open adult competitions A, B, D, E, G, H, J, K and L - €50 per entry
    • A.I.M.S. confined competition C - €40 per entry
    • Fees for third and subsequent entries will be reduced by €10.
  • Check-in will close at 3pm. Please try to check-in before 3pm.
  • The competitions on Sunday are for adult choirs - not more than 20% of members may be less than 18 years old.
  • An accompanist will NOT be available for Sunday competitions.
  • A rehearsal space will be provided but times are not allocated. Rehearsal length will be limited during peak times. We would request that you bring your own keyboard should you require a rehearsal before your performance.
  • Choirs MUST submit two ORIGINAL copies of each of their pieces for the adjudicators with the entry form (for all competitions). Photocopied music is illegal and will not be accepted by any of our adjudicators (See note 6 in general notes section). In A.I.M.S. confined competition C, two copies will suffice but one full score must be brought along on the day..
  • Choirs must not repeat pieces sung in last year's competition.
  • Choirs must not use the same piece of music in different competitions on the same day.
  • All competitors (other than the conductor & accompanist) must be amateurs, i.e. people who do not earn their whole livelihood as professional singers.

Please remember to include: (1) Entry Form, (2) Fees and (3) Music