About The Website
Who's Who?

The Webmaster - Niall Heaney

Niall, like everyone else involved in AIMS, is a volunteer and receives no payment for the work he does for AIMS. As a Software Engineer with a passion for musical theatre, he is ideally suited to maintaining our website.

Supporting Cast

Over the years, the primary contributors to the website's design and management have been Jim Walsh, Stephen Clements and Leo Kilroy. Currently, website advertising is dealt with by Mary & Paddy Smyth. Society details are managed by our National Registrar, Mary Heaney.

Facility Providers

Hosting and Email

The AIMS Website is hosted by an Irish company, Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd.

Domain Name

The domain name, "aims.ie", is also registered by Blacknight at Ireland's Domain Registry.

Browser Support

Internet Explorer

If you're using version 7 or 8, you should be fine. Anything less than that, I would strongly suggest finding an alternative browser - CSS support in IE6 is appalling!

Everyone Else

Tested ok using Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Konqueror.

Having Problems?

If you notice funny layout problems, please report them to the webmaster providing the following details - Operating System, Web Browser and preferably a screenshot of the problem.

The Technology

The website is hosted on a Linux shared hosting server. It uses a separate MySQL server to handle the databases. The server-side scripts are written in PHP, and client-side uses the odd bit of Javascript. On the whole, the majority of pages are XHTML compliant and the site makes extensive use of CSS where possible.